Emotional, mental, and physical health are all tied together. Like an interwoven network fitness in one is dependent on fitness in the other. The Thought Co.’s Studio is an experimental space that focuses on achieving wellness in all 3 areas. The Studio space has been conceptualized to encourage cathartic expression through various mediums that compose of physical and emotional movement.

Emotional wellness – Mental wellness – Physical wellness

Our space is divided into sections each catering to emotional, and physical fitness respectively. Enclosed within glass is a 100sq feet counseling room that is used by therapists for private sessions. This includes private psychotherapy, art therapy and psychodrama sessions. TTC’s Studio area is approximately 500 square feet immersed in beautiful natural light It is laid with shock resistant gym flooring which will give you return energy on your every bounce. TTC’s Studio is ideal for fitness & wellness events and workshops.This space has been used for self reflective writing workshops, mental health open mic nights, support groups, and fitness classes.